Augmenting driver awareness to improve Road safety.

What we do

LuxC is developing Augmented Reality solution with Night Vision for professional transport fleets. We improve the situational awareness of the driver by delivering mission critical information directly to the eyes of the driver and thereby improve road safety for the driver. Our fully connected, 5G-ready, solution allows for real-time interfacing between driver and HQ without compromising road safety.

Night Vision makes even the most remote and poorly-lit roads accessible to the driver at any time of the day. Our Infrared sensor technology is unaffected by the headlight-glare from incoming traffic, making night time highway traffic an easy ride.


LuxC develops Hardware for in-vehicle, full color, High-resolution Augmented Reality interface and for sensors outside the vehicle. LuxC’s propriety software merges the sensor and customer specific data to provide a smooth and stylish Augmented Reality experience that enhances the road safety for the driver. LuxC is building an after-market product, which can be installed in all vehicles. This allows for a uniform interface across the whole vehicle fleet.

LuxC system is fully 4G/5G-capable and can communicate real-time with Headquarters. Mission critical information form HQ can seamlessly be merged with sensor data that is Augmented to real world information. Our custom-built software is tailored towards the need of each customer group and provides the user full control of the information they want to display, how they want to display it and when they want to display it.

Your safety is our mission and your data is our priority!


The Company

LuxC ApS is a Deep Tech company and was founded in March 2019 with a mission to Save Lives by Advancing Augmented Reality solutions for the Automotive Market and integrating mission critical informations and sensor data into the user interface. LuxC is currently developing its first series of Hardware, Software and content with the support of partners from our Eco System.


LuxC is a member of FutureBox incubator, an innovative technology hub and vibrant eco system in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are located in the Science Park of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Science park). LuxC is growing within the technology landscape of DTU and is supported by the full knowhow and capabilities of DTU.


Dr Mirvais Yousefi | Founder/CEO

Dr Yousefi is a Full Spectrum Photonicist with a background that covers all aspects of photonics, including design, fabrication, prototyping and manufacturing. His expertise cover laser, optics, Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC), sensors and optical communications technologies. Earlier in his career, he worked at TNO, Huawei European Research Center and ficonTEC. Dr Yousefi has his PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in The Netherlands.

Dariusz Bernad | Software engineer

Dariusz Bernad is a Software Engineer with multiple years of experience in backend programming, prototyping and testing. His working experience includes work at Pactor A/S (AR in medical applications), Sensomind (positional tracking and stats management system) and MobileBox (backend). Dariusz was also part of the first group in DADIU program that focused on development of Virtual Reality experiences. He studied Information Technology at Poznan University of Technology with focus on software security and at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with focus on Digital Media Engineering.

Vice Rončević | Mechatronics engineer

Vice Rončević is a Mechatronics Engineer with a BSc degree from the University of Zagreb and is a current DTU MSc student, enrolled in Materials and manufacturing study programme. The focus of his studies lies in the metrology, design based on material properties, precision manufacturing & MEMS, numerical modeling, deep learning and entrepreneurship. Vice has worked in the automotive industry – working as a project manager for the LTH Castings (Tier 1). Vice has planned and supervised the manufacturing of several new products all the way from concept to customer acceptance and serial production.